Information about General Data Protection Regulation

Based European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, you, as an user or client of QuadSofware and its site (, have the right to know and control all your personal data shared with us. Here I will try to clearly present your shared personal data situation and the option to have it modified or removed.

Users of

As person or company representative that already registered on our site (, you have provided some of the following information:
- Username
- Password (protected)
- Email address
- First name (optional)
- Last name (optional)
- Phone (optional)
- Company (optional)
- Position (optional)
- Address (optional), this includes street, city, country, zipcode

From the above only the username, password and email address are required for registration. The rest are optional and may or may not be provided by you using our website. If you are not yet an user on our site and you want to register you need to decide if you want or not to provide the mandatory information in order to register.

This information is kept by us in order to:
- Identify an user for software related technical support.
- Provide physical licenses (sent with the user consent to its physical address).

Information is not shared with any third parties.
Information is kept secured on our online server.

In case you want to purchase any of our software without providing any of your personal data via our website please contact us at

During Purchase From Our Site

Information provided during purchase (some of the above, plus credit card information) is not kept or processed by Quad Software in any way. Based on the user choice, we are using one of the following third party platforms:
- Paypal
- Plimus

User or non-users can also choose to wire transfer us for the purchase of licenses. In this case she/he contacts us directly by email providing the purchase information which will be used only for the actual transfer and not stored by us.

Software Related Data for the Clients

Once a license of our software is purchased, in case of a software based license (which is most of the cases, except when user requests a hardware dongle) users need to provide a generated uniquer hardware id for the identification of the her/his computer the license is installed. This ID is based on user hardware serials numbers and configuration (CPU, network card and hard disk serial) and it will be kept (along side user real name, address email and site user name) protected (encrypted) on our internal computers. This information is used only for technical support related to the license (for example: transfer to another computer). It is not shared with any third parties.

Personal Data Removal

The optional personal data can be removed or modified by you by logging our site from the main page and choosing Edit Profile option. In the new page you can enter blank data in any of the fields that are not mandatory.

In case you are opting to delete your entire account, remove all your personal data, remove your email from our mailing list, or want an exact copy of it, please contact us at On your request we can remove all of your personal data or change it. To be noted that removal of all your personal data will make impossible for us to identify you as a client/user and we will not be able to provide further technical support related to our software.

Final Words

I hope this succinct description will provide all the necessary information about your personal data shared with us and that we will continue our successful relation.
More details about our Privacy Policy can be found here.