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Grome makes creation and editing of large terrain areas an easy task. Take the video tour and discover the main features.
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Customizion Work
Customized builds as part of under-contract work are available for professional studios.
Graphite Renderer
Optimized outdoor renderer offered to Grome clients.
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Used by professionals from game industry, Grome proved itself as a valuable tool in the production pipeline.
The editor was used in production of AAA game titles launched on XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Starvault is using Grome for their Unreal3 powered MMORPG Mortal Online:

"When setting up our pipeline for developing our MMO Mortal Online, a huge issue was how to approach the terrain-creation process. Our first continent spans 64km2 - a huge, seamless area with a high amount of detail. Not only did we have to be able to handle large amounts of polygons and textures, we also needed seamlessness and a toolkit for creating realistic and believable environments.

Grome solved all that from day one. Quad Software's quick and responsive support and the open SDK helped us in further customizing the software to meet our project-specific needs, such as an exporter to Unreal Engine 3. Moreover, Grome is actually fun to use thanks to its speed and intuitive controls. I already look forward to begin working on the next continent.

Mats Persson, Creative Director, Mortal Online Star Vault AB
Screenshots of Grome created mountains (geometry and texturing) from Mortal Online Beta:
Pseudoware Corporation is using Grome and Graphite to create and render their next title:

"Before I knew Grome and Graphite, it was a time consuming and painful job to create terrains. I have searched for and tested so many engines, toolsets and solutions for terrain. No solution was satisfactory.

When I first saw Grome, its' rendering quality looked very good, but I also needed more specific features. And then, I saw that Quad software offers customizations and I mailed them asking what they can offer. As a result, we are using customized Grome and Graphite with intense satisfaction. Not only we can create our game world as real and beautiful as we want and see the world we've created in our own 3D engine with no problem in a very short time, but we also got all the features we need with no pain and in very short time. When we meet Grome and Graphite, our productivity improved beyond our expectation.

There is no doubt that Grome and Graphite combination is the best terrain solution available."

Ju Heon Lee, CEO, Pseudoware
Ubisoft used Grome for Blazing Angels 2 for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Other titles are under development
"Very powerful and friendly tool, having lots of algorithms and features implemented, Grome has improved our Blazing Angels 2 development process in terms of speed and visual realism for the game maps."

Motataianu Alexandru, Lead Graphic Artist, Blazing Angels 2, Ubisoft

"My name is George Bordeanu and I've worked at Blazing Angels 2, where I made level maps. I used Grome only for modeling and terrain texturing. It is a very easy-to-learn tool, with extremely spectacular results regarding the modeling of the terrain. It is an editor that allows me to be very creative and it's very clearly constructed. The tutorials are well-done, answering the questions and demands of one who wants to learn how to use the editor. Grome is a powerful weapon/tool in the hands of a creative person."

George Bordeanu, Level Designer, Blazing Angels 2, Ubisoft
Screenshots of Grome created mountains from Blazing Angels on XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC:

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Eidos Hungary Studios is using Grome for various titles to be announced

"Grome is a creative tool, which has enabled us to create life-like geographical locations thanks to its customizable modelling and painting palettes as well as its support for importing height maps. Grome's clear, multifunctional layer-system makes fixes and changes as simple as possible. Its excellent texture generator allows us to create realistic textures for all kinds of terrain and is good at dealing with detailed geographical locations with high polygon counts thanks to its scalability."

Söröss Attila, Head of Studio, Eidos Studios Hungary

IMC Games is using a customized version of Grome for is new massive multiplayer game
"For my new MMORPG project, I’ve been looking for a terrain editor with ease of use, functionality and extensibility and my final choice is grome. Also, they provide excellent support. Whatever function we need I could get it done in time."

Hakkyu Kim, CEO IMC Games Co., Ltd.,

Frantic Games is using Grome to create massive historical maps for their upcoming title, 1944 D-Day: Operation Overlord
"I spent months using several programs ranging from $20 to $2000 searching for a solution to my level design dilemma. Our project required the level design team to create a map that was nearly 27,000 sq/km with a great deal of detail. Every program we tried was simply incapable of giving us the control we needed to work on such a large scale. Or it forced us to work on a small section of the overall map usually with little to no ability to manage the rest of the level.

Before Grome it took weeks to modify more than one file and maintain integrity of texture and features across them all. Besides easy to use tools with features not found anywhere else their support team always provided immediate support to all of our questions and problems. Having Grome makes our design process so easy it seems almost illegal.

Grome has proven itself to be able to do the job that typically took 3 other more expensive programs to do. I just hope the AAA engine developers would learn a lesson from Quad Software because with Grome they have certainly done it the right way."

Richard Throgmorton, Lead Level Designer, Frantic Games,

Grome is also used in simulation industry, by well known companies working at civil and military avionics and naval simulation software.

"I can highly recommend Grome as a tool for efficiently generating terrains for use in training and modelling & simulation applications. At a price tag that's a fraction of the cost of the big names in the industry, it still delivers an output that's visually superior to any tool I've seen so far. Creating gorgeous and realistic environments that will impress your clients and users is just a matter of minutes, and most of all Grome is an absolute pleasure to use with a good looking interface and very powerful tools.

Since Grome is shipped with support for both COLLADA and OpenSceneGraph, it’s a viable option for use within the vis/sim community, and not just limited to the gaming industry. If that isn’t enough, the open plug-in interface (source code included) allows you to expand Grome with the file formats you require. Quad Software has been an absolute delight to work with; they’ve been extremely helpful and quick to answer any questions I’ve had and have also been kind enough to add some features to suit my needs."

Henrik Hedlund, Saab Bofors Dynamics,

Note: some of the opinions presented here represent the individual opinions of the quoted persons.
They don't represent their company position regarding Grome or other of the Quad Software products.

Some of our clients:


3D Magic Box
Aeonsoft, Inc.
Anipark Inc.
Art Studios Entertainment Media co., LTD
Atari / Eden Games
Blueside, Inc.
CCP Games
Dedicated Logic
Eden Games
Eidos Hungary
Eighting Co., Ltd.
Entwell Co.
Frantic Games
FreeStyleGames Ltd.
Fresvii, Inc.
Gameloft Iberica
GameUS Ltd.
Garage Games
Gungho Online Entertainment Inc.
IMCGames Co.
INUCA Interactive Corp.
Krome Studios Pty Ltd.
Larian Studios
Ludusent, Inc.
Midwest Electronics
Muse Games
NCsoft Corporation
Neowiz Corp.
NGD Studios
Nickelodeon (Viacom International Inc)
Playnet, Inc.
Prairie Games, Inc.
Pseudoware Co., Ltd.
Real U Pte. Ltd
Softmax Co., Ltd.
Softnyx Co., Ltd.
Star Vault AB
Starstone Software Systems, Inc.
Square Enix Co. (Japan)
Trickstar Games
Twelve Srl
Ubisoft Bucharest
Ymir Entertainment Co., Ltd
Zeal Game Studio AB

Simulation Industry:

Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc.
BAE Systems
Blue Origin LLC
Boeing Australia
Boeing UK Defense
Idrak Technology Transfer LTD
German Space Centre
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS
Lacota Technologies Inc.
LearningWell West AB
Merlin Simulation, Inc.
NEXTER Systems
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Rio Tinto Iron Ore
Real Fusio
Saab Bofors Dynamics
QinetiQ Group PLC
Vizual F/X Studios. LLC


Boston Architectural College
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Naval Postgraduate School
NTNU, Dept. of Info. Science and Tech.
Oklahoma Christian University
Rochester Institute of Technology
University Of Central Florida
Xi'an HongYing Science and Technology Ltd.

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