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Grome makes creation and editing of large terrain areas an easy task. Take the video tour and discover the main features.
Version Features
Explore the new features of version 3
Get support and information on dedicated forums.
Download Demo
Test the editor demo version.
Customizion Work
Customized builds as part of under-contract work are available for professional studios.
Graphite Renderer
Optimized outdoor renderer offered to Grome clients.
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 New features for version: - Grome 3.1 - Grome 3.0 -
Grome 3 - What's New

The much-awaited feature of road editing is now available
- Easy to use spline based editing, all controlled with 3D gizmos or numerical input. Add, delete, move and merge complex networks of roads.

- Control road geometry generation resolution, banking and intersections. Real-time road/terrain interaction computation using the GPU.

Flexible road material editing including influence from terrain layers.

New texture decal system

Add, move, rotate and scale decals of textures.

Project decals on both terrain and objects.

Place multiple decals at once using easy-to-use brush tool.

Use atlas of textures and assign various shading materials.

Editor is using an optimized rendering system to allow large population of decal planes.

Per-pixel lighting materials
New types of terrain materials for per pixel lighting using normalmaps and parallax effect.

Usage of the same easy editing based on layers.

Global generation of normalmaps based on special algorithms applied on high density heightmaps.

Heightmap reuse and manipulation tools

Copy, transform and store parts of terrain geometry for later use inside your custom libraries.

Clone terrain geometry with simple-to-use brush.

Terrain heightmap optimization

Creation of one or multiple LODs of terrain simplified meshes from the original high-density heightmaps.

Easy generation while allowing local control via selection layers.

Together with the global normalmap, the simplified meshes allow maintain of high details even for low end devices and mobile hardware.

UI improvements

New more flexible, more compact layer view to accommodate for the increased functionality.

New easier to use terrain zones creation tool.

And still many more features…

- Resize any layer to any size - Split terrain zones and their layers -

- Now you can use selection layers not only heightmaps, but with texturing too -

- Detect water shorelines and apply various wave effects - Level terrain based on objects footprint -

- New supported formats and SDK functionality.


Client Testimonials

“Grome is a creative tool,
which has enabled us to create
life-like geographical locations”

Söröss Attila, Head of Studio
Eidos Hungary

“It is a easy-to-learn tool with
extremely spectacular results.
Grome is a powerful weapon/tool
in the hands of a creative person.”

George Bordeanu
Level Designer
Blazing Angels 2, Ubisoft

“I’ve been looking for a editor with
ease of use, functionality and extensibility and my final choice is Grome”

Hakkyu Kim, CEO
IMC Games Co., Ltd.

"Grome delivers an output that's
visually superior to any tool
I've seen so far"

Henrik Hedlund
Saab Bofors Dynamics

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